Some Challenges For Effective Bedshee Products

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To help make good-quality down bedding last, it does need care. Well, there is an American Down and Feather Council to help you. The website is However, here are some interesting facts and how-tos for you: Down is defined as the light feathers of ducks and birds, and it is used in pillows and bedding for many reasons: It holds in heat well. It wicks away moisture. Two terms to be familiar with when shopping for down products: "fill power" and "loft." Fill power is the amount of space 1 ounce ขาย ชุด ผ้าปูที่นอน ราคา ถูก of down takes up. Loft is basically how fluffy the feathers are. The feathers are 3-D, and they can get flattened over time. If you have down pillows and comforters, caring for them properly will help them last longer. Fluff up your down pillows often. I try to fluff and shake the ones on my bed daily while making the bed. You can put them in the dryer on "fluff" or "air" and add a CLEAN sneaker to help fluff the down. DON'T store feather pillows or comforters in plastic bags.Heloise P.S.

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